Joyce’s Cafe aka The Tea Emporium

Would you like a tea set with your cake? Joyce Breeland, the owner of Joyce’s Cafe, takes her tea seriously. I’ve rarely seen her drink the stuff, nevertheless, she does not skimp on service. Not only does one get to choose from a wide selection of blends, but there is also the ultimate challenge of selecting the cup and tea pot. There are no rules, and one is encouraged to mix it up. It was only when I overheard a conversation, something that happens often at Joyce’s, that I became curious. Where does she get her crockery from? The answer was simple enough when I stood with my nose pressed against the window of Brilliant Baubles, Eden’s one and only antique store. The exchange I witnessed between the owner and Joyce was…entertaining. There was a lot of scowling, fingers wagged and even from where I stood I could see there was a lot of huffing and puffing… Eventually, a tea cup was produced.