Joyce’s Cafe

While I’m still flying under the radar and remain an anonymous entity, Eden is beginning to feel like home. But not in a dull, familiar way. I’ve recently heard say, “From one day to the next, anything can happen in Eden.” Today, I experienced it first hand as I ordered my regular black coffee. I was told Joyce’s Cafe no longer served regular black coffee and was promptly issued a two page menu. After careful consideration, I decided to order The Midnight Express, which apparently helped join the dots. At that point, I figured I needed all the help I could get to paddle my way through the experience. The Marcel Proust can only be ordered with an accompanying croissant. A part of me wanted to test the theory and order it with a pan au chocolate but my survival instincts kicked in when I saw Joyce giving one of her customers her well practiced slanted eye cautionary look. Ice coffees are now called Igloo: with ice cubes shaped like penguins, Floating Iceberg: with vanilla ice-cream, The Polar Bear: with whipped cream, The Aurora Borealis: with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice-cream. I am told the menu is still a work in progress and will be updated regularly. Meanwhile, I am now officially referred to as The Eden Bloggess, but my real identity remains a secret. Or at least I think it does. For all I know, everyone knows who I am. I wouldn’t put it past the lovely people of Eden to pretend they haven’t made the connection.